Wood Puzzle Piece Friendship Necklaces - Set of 2

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Wood Puzzle Piece Friendship Necklaces - Set of 2

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This pair of friendship necklaces grants wearers and onlookers with an unmatched presence. The handcrafted pendants, created with the wood trimmings of Jordanian Olive Trees, lend the mood for this set of Friendship Necklaces. With two separate necklaces included, this item forges a loving bond between a good friend or close companion. Wear one of these Puzzle Piece Necklaces and gift the other.

Both wooden Friendship Pendants are dressed in an attractive matte finish and are presented on black leather cord. Thanks to the natural variations of patterns and hues created by the Jordanian wood, each pendant is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

Both necklaces measure 18 inches (or 14 centimeters) long and include a 3 inch extender. The black leather cords offer a lobster claw style clasp for comfortably securing this piece around the neck. Pendants measure roughly 3 centimeters in width and height (or 1 and a quarter inch).

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