Two-Piece Yin Yang, Tai Chi Pendant

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Two-Piece Yin Yang, Tai Chi Pendant

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  • Two-piece pendant
  • Light and dark cords
  • Terrific price

Product Description

Centuries ago, long after the symbol of Yin and Yang had first been recognized in Asian culture, the mark made its way to the West. The ancient symbol represents the notion of complementary forces and, more specifically, supportive opposites. While the design was originally used to illustrate many parts of Chinese science and philosophy, it is commonly used to represent close friendships and the attraction of opposites in modern day fashion.

Whether you and your friend are polar opposites or two peas in a pod, this two-piece friendship necklace is a terrific way to proclaim your bond. The Yin and Yang symbol is made of two separate pendants split down the middle. The light pendant is strung on a dark jewelry cord while the light pendant is worn on a dark cord, both of which are included with the purchase of the two-piece pendant.

There is no shortage of creative ways to portray the concept of affinity in friendship jewelry, but the Yin and Yang symbols are among our favorite. These pendants serve not only as a terrific gift for close friends, but for a boyfriend or girlfriend, too. The idea of complimenting opposites is one that can be applied to relationships of all kinds and the Yin Yang symbol is the best way to represent it.

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