Spiked Two-Piece Friendship Rings

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Spiked Two-Piece Friendship Rings

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Thumb 1 - Spiked Two-Piece Friendship Rings

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Key Features

  • 100% Pewter Construction
  • Nickel-free
  • Two Rings Included

Product Description

Good friendship rings aren't easy to come by and two-piece sets are even rarer. Items like necklaces and bracelets are widely available not only in two piece sets, but sometimes even three, so when we find a nice two-piece ring set, we like to show it off. Today's set earned our affection and comes from Amazon seller Dan Jewelers, LLC.

When interlocked, these friendship rings may appear as only one at first glance. But as all great friendship jewelry does, these rings split apart to form two separate pieces whose appearance are practically identical. The second ring can be worn on another finger, can share the same finger as the other or can be given to a close friend as a thoughtful birthday or Christmas gift. Your matching rings will serve as a token of your friendship when you're apart and sharpen your bond when together.

Both matching rings portray somewhat of an industrial style. Their spiked design adds a little character and allows them to perfectly interlock with one another. They are composed of 100% pewter and are completely free of unwanted nickel. These versatile pieces are available in size 13 and can be worn as a standard ring or as a stylish pendant on a jewelry chain purchased separately.

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