Silver Colored 3 Piece Friendship Charms with Chains

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Silver Colored 3 Piece Friendship Charms with Chains

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Key Features

  • 3-Piece Friendship Necklace
  • Includes 3 20" Chains
  • Charms Read "Best Friends"

Product Description

As regular visitors to our site know, we frequently feature two-piece friendship jewelry from a small handful of select manufacturers. Three-piece items, however, are a bit less common. Fortunately, we recently stumbled upon a seller who speacializes in just that - high-quality friendship jewelry (like necklaces, bracelets, etc.) available in three pieces instead of two.

Today we're proud to feature our first 3-piece charm from a company aptly named "Three Best Friends". This item is delivered in the same way that most two-piece alternatives are - as individual charms that, when combined together, spell out a single message. Each piece of the charm comes with its own 20" steel necklace chain and forms one third of the larger "best friends" charm.

Whether you plan on gifting all three segments or are keeping one for yourself, this 3-piece friendship necklace serves as the perfect offering for any close-knit trio. Those who have already picked up a set for themselves are raving about the item, so we can only hope that Three Best Friends has much more to offer us. And we'll be sure to feature any additional high-quality three-piece friendship jewelry that comes our way, so remember to check back often.

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