Prayer for a Friend 2 pc. Bracelet Set

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Prayer for a Friend 2 pc. Bracelet Set

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This adorable item from Serenity Crystals includes a pair of beautiful Friendship Bracelets. Both bracelets feature a heart "Friend" charm and display a Friend Prayer that starts out "A Friend is Someone..." (read the entire prayer on the Amazon product page).

Each bracelet measures about 2 and 11/16" or about 68 mm in diameter. Both pieces are perfectly weighted to provide the wearer with unparalleled comfort and confidence. The bracelet band is toned with an enticing silver color and textured black print, while the charm offers a subtle pink accent to complete the mood.

Although this item suggests a message of friendship, these bracelets make a terrific gift for friends and family members alike. Give both bracelets as a present for any occasion or keep one and share the pleasure this jewelry brings with a loved one.

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