M plus Y STEEL Puzzle Piece Pendants

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M plus Y STEEL Puzzle Piece Pendants

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This elegant friendship jewelry set includes two pendants. Both pendants have been formed in the shape of think puzzle pieces. Each piece interlocks with the other, so you and the lucky recipient of this gift can enjoy connecting the pieces when together. While apart, these pendants will act as a reminder of your friendship. While these pendants make the perfect present for a friend or family member, a boyfriend/girlfriend or significant other would also love to receive the other half of your puzzle.

The puzzle piece pendants are designed by M+Y Steel and created using a high quality 316L surgical steel material. The expert craftsmanship put into these pieces helps ensure durability for years to come. Since this item is meant to be shared with a friend or loved one, both pendants are displayed on their own high quality rubber jewelry cord right out of the box. Both jewelry cords feature a steel twist and lock-style clasp and measure roughly 19.5 inches in length. All items offered by M+Y Steel are delivered in an attractive black velvet pouch inside of a stunning textured gift box.

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