"Key to My Heart" Pendants with Chokers

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"Key to My Heart" Pendants with Chokers

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Being offered at under ten bucks, this pendant and choker set makes the perfect gift for a boyfriend or girlfriend. This item includes four pieces in total: 2 creative "Key to My Heart" pendants and 2 cable chokers, allowing the pendants to be worn immediately out of the package.

The heart-shaped pendant of the set displays a cut-out shape at the center where the accompanying key pendant will fit. The heart pendant offers the message "He Who Holds the Key" on one line and "Can Unlock My Heart" on the next. The key-shaped pendant is the coutnerpiece to this collection, fitting comfortably within the cutout of the heart piece.

Both pendants are free of lead and nickle, designed with silver plating brass. The heart pendant measures 16mm by 19mm while the key measures 6mm by 16.5mm. All items in this set are made with pride in the USA.

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