Journey of Life Friendship Bracelet

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Journey of Life Friendship Bracelet

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This gorgeous, premium quality bracelet serves as a multi-purpose accessory for a variety of outfits and occasions. Created with "925" stamped Sterling Silver, this bracelet imparts an inspirational message to its wearer and all those around: "Life is a Journey and Not a Destination". The inner center of this piece displays one final note: "Enjoy the Moments".

Because of its universal message and versatile fashion, this winsome wrist accessory makes a great offering for cohorts and companions of any stature. This piece is naturally adjustable for wrists of varying sizes and measures 1/8 of an inch at its widest point. Buy this item with pride knowing that it was handcrafted and hand-stamped here in the United States in the beautiful state of Oregon.

Please note that although the main photograph of this item displays two bracelets, the product being showcased here ships with a single piece.

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