Irish Friendship and Love Claddagh Band Ring

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Irish Friendship and Love Claddagh Band Ring

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This Irish Claddagh Friendship and Love ring has been a popular symbol and fashion statement for decades. The ring, which portrays a number of messages depending on the hand and position its worn (more info on Amazon product page), offers a classy, elegant appearance sure to please you or any recipient.

At its widest point, the ring is measured at 3/8 of an inch, exhibiting a subtle, slender appearance for even the most petite hands. An item of superior quality, this ring is stamped "925" sterling silver.

This particular Claddagh ring has received rave reviews from numerous past customers. Make your friend or loved one the next satisfied recipient by gifting this ring today, or pick one up for yourself for a timeless piece of jewelry sure to impress those around you. This item has been designed for those with a ring size of 7, however sizes 5 through 9 are also offered through the Marketplace.

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