Break Apart Friendship Necklace Set

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Break Apart Friendship  Necklace Set

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This item includes a 2 piece pendant set that represents two halves of a heart as well as 2 thick PVC necklaces. As a result, this attractive item is ready to be worn immediately upon delivery. If you plan to gift half of the pendant to a friend or loved one, you're ready to go. Just string half of the heart pendant on one of the provided necklaces and watch the smile spread across the recipient's face. The two pendant halves are pre-separated so you won't need to worry about breaking the items apart as you would with similar sets. When held together, the pendants clearly offer the message "Best Friends Forever".

The included pendants are made from 100% pewter, offering a high level of quality for an astonishingly low price. Both included necklaces measure 18" in length and feature a lobster clasp for easy wearing. Whether shopping for a friend, family member or girlfriend, you can't go wrong with this affordable friendship jewelry piece.

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