Best Friends Key and Lock Necklaces

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Best Friends Key and Lock Necklaces

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Key Features

  • 2x Pendants Included
  • 2x Chains Included
  • Bonus Gold Foil Gift Box

Product Description

Many would agree that the best friendship jewelry is the kind that you can share with your friend. This set of key and lock friendship necklaces is the perfect example of such an item. With a single purchase, both you and your best friend can have your own unique friendship pendants that perfectly compliment one another.

The first necklace included in the pair features a key pendant with the word "friend" elegantly engraved down its length. The second, as you may have guessed, displays the word "best" as well as the cutout shape of a key, implying a connection with the other included pendant. Together the two pendants serve as a perfect pair and feature the same, subtle heart cutout embellishments.

The manufacturer of these one-of-a-kind necklaces knew that one of each pair is likely to be gifted, so they've gone the extra mile and have included a beautiful gold foil gift box with each set. That means that you won't even need to worry about wrapping or packaging the matching necklace! Just pick your favorite, place the other in the included gold foil box and present the recipient of your choice with the gift of friendship jewelry!

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