Nine Tips for Selecting Meaningful Friendship Jewelry

Article posted on September 16, 2011

Article Photo Whether shopping for present for a birthday or Christmas, friendship jewelry makes a terrific gift. Even if you're just looking to pick up a random gift to show someone how much they mean to you, friendship jewelry can fit almost any price point and is suitable for both guys and girls. Unfortunately, the process of selecting the perfect ring or necklace can be a little overwhelming at first. "Will she even like my gift?" or "What if he already has one of these?" are all questions that come to mind.

First of all, just remember that a true friend is always going to appreciate a gift from the heart. But there are a few simple tips that can be applied when searching for truly meaningful friendship jewelry. Whether you're shopping for a friendship necklace for your BFF or just looking to pick up something extra special for a family member or coworker, these tips are applicable to almost any jewelry shopping situation.
  1. Consider the recipient's style and wardrobe.
    Perhaps your recipient is one who prefers all things bold or spunky. Consider a pair of hoop earrings for the ladies or something studded in gemstones. The more casual among us will likely prefer something a little more subtle. Many of our friendship necklaces are reversible.

  2. Get any jewelry sizes (ring size, necklace length, etc).
    Remember that not all friendship jewelry is one size fits all. Items like necklaces and especially rings come in varying sizes. Ask a mutual friend or family member for the recipient's sizes if you don't want to ruin the gift.

  3. Birthstones may make for a more meaningful gift.
    Each birth month has a specific gemstone associated with it. If you're looking to pick up something with a stone, knowing the recipient's birthstone can help narrow down your selection to only the most appropriate items.

  4. Make sure the recipient doesn't already own it.
    With the level of selection online, chances are you won't be picking up a duplicate of anything already in the recipient's collection. But just in case, check with someone close to the recipient to ensure that your gift is unique.

  5. Look for two piece sets that you can share with the recipient.
    The ability to split an item down the middle and share it with a recipient is one of the key characteristics of meaningful friendship jewelry. Pieces like these ensure that your loved one will always think of you when admiring their half of the pendant or charm. We carry all sorts of two piece charms and pendants.

  6. Make sure you're buying from a reputable merchant.
    Whether you're shopping online or off, research a seller before making a final purchase. You'll want to know that you can receive service after the sale if your gift needs to be exchanged or returned.

  7. Consider a keepsake box as an addition or substitute to your gift.
    Anyone with a modest jewelry collection can benefit from a keepsake or jewelry box. Keepsake boxes act as a place of storage for items that need to be protected from accidental damage.

  8. Personalize an item with a locket photo or inscription.
    If you plan on picking up a locket and don't mind opening the gift before you present it, consider dropping a meaningful photo inside beforehand. An inscription is another great way to show a recipient that you thought your gift through.

  9. Pick up complimentary pieces.
    Many friendship jewelry designers will release items as part of a larger series. If you locate an attractive set like this, think about picking up two or more complimentary pieces to show that special someone that you really care.
From the initial purchase to the act of gifting your item, shopping for friendship jewelry should be a pleasant experience. Remembering these basic buying tips will help ensure that your purchase is a meaningful one that won't soon be forgotten.

Article photo courtesy of Flickr user gnilenkov.