Best Resources for Making Homemade Friendship Jewelry

Article posted on November 6, 2011

Article Photo In most cases, buying premade friendship jewelry is often a much more attractive option than creating your own. To make your own friendship bracelets and necklaces, you'll need to have all of the proper supplies, a little free time and of course the knowledge of how to make the jewelry. But for those willing to invest the time and effort into making homemade friendship jewelry, there are plenty of freely-available resources that can guide you through the entire process.

Before we get into the various resources at our disposal, let's take a look at why making homemade friendship jewelry is a better alternative for some. For one, homemade friendship jewelry is a gift that is truly from the heart. While purchased jewelry is often of a much higher quality, the average recipient will often prefer a personal gift made with care and love as opposed to one that was just ordered online at random. Making homemade friendship jewelry is usually more affordable, too. Sure, the supplies require a small investment, but nothing compared to what you would spend on gold or silver jewelry.

So now that it's clear why one might prefer homemade jewelry over the alternatives, let's go over a few of the top homemade friendship jewelry resources. These items are perfect for anyone looking to make their own friendship bracelet or necklace for the first time as well as those with prior experience. Without further ado, here are some of our favorites in no particular order:


Massive video-sharing website YouTube isn't just for sharing funny videos anymore, some of the most creative individuals are now using the platform to publish tutorials on some of their favorite activities and hobbies. Videos are a great alternative to written tutorials as they have the ability to guide viewers through a process visually, which has a major impact on how well a complex idea or process can be delivered. Just head over to YouTube and search for "homemade friendship jewelry" or "friendship bracelets;" you'll be shocked at the number and quality of results.


We all know about Amazon, not only are they the internet's number one marketplace, they're also one of the leading distributors of gold and silver jewelry. But more importantly, Amazon has one of the best selections of arts and crafts supplies available, namely beads, thread and miscellaneous supplies used for the creation of homemade friendship jewelry. Go check out their "Arts, Crafts & Sewing" section and see for yourself.

Local Hobby Stores

While Amazon's selection of arts and crafts supplies may be one of the largest, the brick and mortar stores have been in the game much longer. Your local hobby stores will have everything you need to start making your own friendship jewelry and the advice of their in-store staff is something you simply can't get from Amazon. Head to the search engines or your Yellow Pages and spot out the hobby stores near you. Chains like Michaels, Joann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby are all over the place, while many "Mom and Pop" stores offer customer service that is second-to-none.

The list offered above only scratches the surface of what's available to those looking to make their own homemade friendship jewelry. With a little creative thinking and some online searching, you're sure to find plenty of other great resources. As a final tip, sign up for an internet forum or two targeting the topic of custom jewelry. Forums are the online gathering places for industry experts and forum communities are always willing to help those looking to learn a new skill.

A very special thanks to Flickr user stevendepolo, who provided the photo you see above under a Creative Commons license.